15 SepFreelance Copywriter to Deliver Speech to Nation’s Schoolchildren

1205739_america_1 (Small)I’m sorry, but President Barack Obama has ripped me off.

This sad news came to light this past week, as I was preparing the deliver the first-ever address to the nation’s schoolchildren by a freelance copywriter and buzz marketing consultant. 

I had spent months working on my speech, practicing for it hours on-end in front of my cat.  I was ready to speak to our nation’s young on the merits of staying in school and pursuing a career in copywriting and buzz marketing, my two specialties. 

As you’ll surely agree, the need for this speech was glaring. 

Yes, our country is always looking for more engineers to build things like bridges and strip malls, but we also need practitioners in the art of writing persuasive copy and exceptional content.  Small to mid-sized businesses also need buzz marketing specialists who can help them generate buzz through use of creative ideas and the leveraging of social media.  Our young ‘uns need to know that the world needs help in these areas.

I was ready to send out the uber-Tweet announcing my speech.  And that’s when I heard about President Obama’s “historic first.”

Was this a coincidence?  I think not. 

I’ve been producing buzzworthy ideas for clients for years, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all this the President had employed his vast covert-resources to keep an eye on gmwrites, and conveniently “borrow” some of my epiphanies whenever he decided it would fit into his agenda.

You think me paranoid?  Then ask yourself, isn’t it strange how on the exact same week I had prepared my historic speech, President Obama suddenly decided to deliver the exact same type of address?  Don’t you think it somewhat odd that in the middle of a highly controversial, nationwide health care debate, he found time to make a speech on education and snatch the “historic first” title only days before I was about to do the exact same thing?

What truly annoyed me is that this wasn’t the first time I’ve been, shall we say, “intellectually plagiarized” by President Obama.  I’ll give you an example that’s sure to upset your stomach. 

A few years ago, I began using a service called Facebook, and a nifty little social networking tool called Twitter.  I would use it to generate word-of-mouth advertising, leveraging the buzzworthy events I’d create for myself and my business.  Well wouldn’t you know it – candidate Obama decided to formulate an entire campaign around social media, and it became a key factor in his capturing the White House.

I let that transgression pass, but enough is enough.

As a buzz marketing specialist, let me point out why President Obama’s address was so successful.  It adhered to one of the buzz marketing principles:  It’s something remarkable.  It was the first time a President had ever addressed the nation’s schoolchildren, and it didn’t hurt that it created a bit of controversy.

I can only imagine the kind of buzz my speech would have delivered. What’s done is done, however.  I don’t have time to dwell in the past.  Since President Obama stole my swagger, I’ll have to pick another of the buzz marketing methods.  

Fortunately, there are plenty of other tactics to generate buzz.  The use of humor, for example, can get you noticed.  Maybe next time I’ll try it.