07 AprHow I Got So Busy In a Recession

Never again will I go wanting for freelance work.

Never again will I wonder, where will that next big job come from?

I’ve cracked the code, my friends.  And it was oh so easy.

How did I do it?  Simple.  I went on vacation.

That’s right.  Vacation.  I sent out a simple email, letting people know that I’d be out for a week enjoying some surf and sun with my family.  My hopes were that I could sit poolside and let my brain unravel and actually read, instead of writing.

Little did I know.

Not ten minutes after sending the email, I received two emails back from clients letting me know that two projects were heading my way.

Argh, I cried, as thoughts of poolside luxuriating slipped away.

Then I realized that this had happened before.  I recalled a previous vacation when a client called me only an hour before I was heading out of state, and dangled an enormous project in front of my nose.

I accepted then, just as I accepted the jobs this time.  Life of a freelancer.

But now that I realize clients are perched and waiting for my vacation email.  They secretly envious of any vacation time I take, and they want to squash it with a heap of work.

Well guess what?  I’m going to turn this annual ambush into a cash cow.  And if you’re a freelancer, feel free to steal my methodology. 

Here’s how you do it: Every month, announce you’re going on vacation.  That’s right.  Every month, drop the bomb that you’re heading out of town.  Clients, desperate to spoil your fun, will scrape up some sort of project and heave it your way. 

Of course, you won’t actually go on vacation.  You can stay at home, and build your empire with all the work that will be dropped in your lap.

Now some clients may become suspicious of your constant vacationing, and may even question your rates, considering it allows you to be out of the office 50 weeks a year.  But don’t worry, they won’t hold back.  They don’t want to risk the chance that you might actually be heading out of town.

It’s a very simple methodology, and if you’re a freelancer, I invite you to give it a try.  As for my clients, please don’t misinterpret this post as looking a gift-horse in the mouth.  A freelancer is happy to work around their clients’ schedules, and to be honest, I really don’t mind writing copy while my toes are dipped in the pool.

 That’s why tomorrow, I head out for a month long vacation.  Feel free to contact me if you need help in a pinch…