What is Content Marketing?

Quite simply, Content Marketing (or Inbound Marketing) is how modern-day marketing is done.  It uses customized content to drive your social media, search engine optimization, and online public relations efforts.

“Content” is the informational/promotional material relating to your product or service.  It can be in the form of an article, a video, a podcast, a tweet – anything that you produce and post on the web.

How Does it Work?

Here are a few examples of how content can be used to generate results:

  • Organic Traffic

We start with a blog post written about your product; let’s call it The Wonder Widget.  As we write the article, we’ll use the keyword, “Versatile Widget.”  Eventually, if you write enough quality content based on “Versatile Widget,” you’ll rank high on search engines and drive widget-buying customers to your website.

  • Social Media

Now that you’ve got a great post about The Wonder Widget, you can tweet about it on your Twitter account, share it on your LinkedIn account, or use it to make a script for a YouTube post.  If the content is great, people will share this link.

  • Public Relations / Guest Blogs

The post you’ve created can also be repurposed into a new pitch that you can send out to media outlets.  You can combine it with other posts to create entirely new posts that you can offer up to prominent bloggers.

  • Offers on Your Website

When you’ve got enough great content on “Versatile Widgets,” you can compile it into what we call an “offer.”  The offer can be a white paper, an eBook, or even something as simple as a one-page infographic.   In this case, since you know people are searching for “Versatile Widgets,” you’ve already got something people want.  Next, visitors to your site will sign up to receive your offer, which is how they transition from “traffic” to “lead.”

  • Lead Nurturing Emails / eNewsletters

The content you’ve developed will also be used to create lead nurturing emails, which are sent to the “leads” we’ve generated via your offer.  Every month, you can also compile blog posts into a monthly eNewsletter, or send out regular emails on a product.

What is Your Role?

gmwrites Produces the Content

Because so many people don’t have the time or the expertise to produce traffic-generating content, I generally handle the content production.  This includes all the posts, website copy, offers, lead nurturing emails, landing pages, articles, guest-posts – anything and everything you’ll need for your content marketing.

You Handle the Social Media Networking

I’ll coach you on how to use social media to network with prospects and share the content we’ve generated.  You want to be the face of these outreach efforts, whether it’s on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

You’ll be building an audience of potential customers, and you want them to get to know you.  Think of the Internet as one huge trade show, and you’re networking using our content as a conversation-starter.

You can generally expect to put in 3-5 hours a week on social media, but it’s been my experience that you’ll want to do more.  Once you see the access you have to customers, the response you can generate, and how easy social media is to use (once you have great content), you’ll want to do more and more.

What kind of results has gmwrites generated?

The Vision Therapy Center

Highlights include:

  •     Increased website traffic from 500 unique visitors per month to over 20,000 per month.
  •     Expanded overall marketing reach from 450 individuals to nearly 1,000.
  •     Generated over 3,075 new leads.

Steve Brown Apartments

Highlights include:

  • Increased web traffic by 20% increase.
  • Boosted inquires by over 36% and apartments reserved by over 6%

LaManna Alliance

Highlights include:

  • Increased website traffic from 200 to over 2,000 unique visitors per month.
  • Created 1,429 new leads.
  • Expanded overall marketing reach from 450 to 2,700.


What is the next step?

A conversation.  Simply contact me and let me know when you’d be available to talk – either in person or via Skype.

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